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About Us

Your life. Your choice. Your voice.

In 2015 Swindon Advocacy Movement (SAM) proudly celebrated its 20th birthday. 

Working alongside people with Autism, mental health issues, learning disabilities and dementia; SAM challenges inequality and social injustice, and enables many hundreds of people to have a voice who would otherwise not be heard.

SAM’s advocacy work informs a society where everybody is welcome and equal.
Empowering people to stand up their for their rights and informing others about equality, SAM really makes a difference to the people they work for. As a user led charity we have always had the needs of our members close to our hearts and central to all of our activities.

What is advocacy? Visit this page, to see a simple explanation of advocacy.

Currently at SAM we have a highly diverse and highly qualified team of advocates and enablers as well as many supporters and fundraisers.  To see who makes up our Senior Leadership Team click here. 

Working with us