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Parents with a Learning Disability going through Child Protection Advocacy

Your life. Your choice. Your voice.

The Parent Service

This is a service provided to people who have a learning disability and who are parents that are currently part of a Child Protection plan or going through Child Care proceedings.

Going through this is difficult for any parent but if you have a learning disability it can be particularly hard.

Our advocates work with you to ensure that:

  • You understand the concerns of the local authority
  • You can access and understand information
  • You have the chance to address the concerns on the Child Protection Plan
  • You get the support you need
  • Professionals make reasonable adjustments for you
  • You are supported to a prepare for and attend meetings
  • Your voice is heard

Good Practice

The ‘Good Practice Guidance on Working with Parents with a Learning Disability’ was published in 2007 by the Department of Health and the Department for Education and Skills.

It set out how children’s and adult services can and should work together to improve support to parents with a learning disability.

The Guidance sets out five features of good practice in working with the parents:

  • accessible information and communication
  • clear and co-ordinated referral and assessment processes and eligibility criteria
  • support designed to meet the needs of parents and children based on assessment of their needs and strengths
  • long-term support, if necessary
  • access to independent advocacy

Easy Read Guide

Unfortunately this service is not funded to accept self referrals.

Full criteria and guidance click here

Useful information

Good Practice Guidance on Working with Parents with a Learning Disability

The Human Rights Act | Equality and Human Rights Commission (

Convention on the Rights of a Child